Travis Eastin M.D., MSTravis Eastin M.D., M.S.

Associate Professor
Residency Program Director

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Emergency Medicine at UAMS.

My educational philosophy is fairly simple: I believe that it’s my job to put you in the best possible environment, with the best possible resources and support to become the best you can be. And it’s your job to maximize that potential. If things are broken, we will do everything in our power to fix them. If they’re not broken, we’ll continuously look for ways to make them better. We believe that change is not the enemy and that “good enough” is not acceptable.

As the residency director, I have tremendous aspirations and plans for our residents and program. While I am fairly new to UAMS, I am not unfamiliar with outstanding residency programs. My career has taken me from Indiana University to the University of Virginia to The Ohio State University, and I will incorporate everything I’ve learned from these exceptional programs at UAMS.

UAMS is unique in the fact that it is home to many of “the only…” in Arkansas: ONLY medical sciences university, ONLY level 1 trauma center, ONLY children’s hospital, ONLY burn center…you get the point. The beauty in this is that many of the sickest people in the state–from newborns to the elderly–are cared for by you. This gives our residents an amazing laboratory in which to learn both the art and science of emergency medicine. I truly believe that your patients are your best teachers, and we have them in spades at UAMS.

We are looking for enthusiastic, teachable, and insatiable people to join us in Little Rock. Every residency wants to recruit the “best and the brightest,” and we’re no exception. But we’re also looking for more: People who not only want to learn everything they can, but also want to teach their fellow residents, students, and patients. People who not only want to become great clinicians, but also great teachers, scholars, and advocates. People who are not only able to identify a problem but are willing to work toward a solution. If you’re one of those people, we want to meet you, and we want you to be a part of our UAMS EM family.

I’m sure some of you who have never been here are thinking “But, why should I come to Arkansas?” I wondered the same thing before I took my first visit. I could tell you about the symphony orchestra, national historic sights, beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, outdoor life, and fantastic family atmosphere. All of those things are true, and they make Arkansas a hidden gem. But I came to UAMS for other reasons: because I believe in the mission, I believe in the vision, and I believe that we can build something special. Are you someone who is willing to get on board, invest in the program, and leave your mark? If so, give me a call (501-686-5515), or simply send us your application. We’d love to meet you and show you what UAMS and Little Rock have to offer. I think you might just walk away thinking the same thing that I did–that not only is UAMS a great place to work and train, but that Arkansas is a great place to live.