Resident didactic conferences are held once weekly for four hours. Conferences include modules that cover the core content of emergency medicine through a blend of 20-minute high-yield mini lectures and interactive small group discussions facilitated by faculty and teaching residents.  Recurring conference sessions also include Case Conference, M&M, and a Critical Care series, in addition to periodic joint multidisciplinary conferences held with Trauma Surgery, Radiology, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Most months feature one morning devoted to simulation sessions and procedural skills labs.  Mock Oral Board educational sessions occur several times during the year to help prepare residents for their eventual board examinations. Special events that have included guest speakers and an off-campus Dive Medicine workshop are sprinkled throughout the year.

Journal Club

Evening journal clubs are held once monthly and are hosted by faculty members at their homes.  The evening includes dinner, which residents’ families often attend as well, and then a discussion of a PICO question.