Senior Electives

Senior electives in emergency medicine are available to visiting students on a limited basis from July to April. Students who are interested in EM may take the intensive EM course from July to November. A general EM elective is available to all students from December to April. Electives may be arranged through the Office of Student Affairs using VSAS on a four-week calendar. Residency interviews may be arranged for approved applicants during their elective month. All visiting students are required to attend Wednesday conferences. Students in the intensive EM course will participate in a SIM lab and give a clinical case presentation. Please contact Sharanda Williams in The Office of Student Affairs at (501)686-5348.

EM Interest Group

Our medical students have an Emergency Medicine Interest Group which helps to organize students and build strong relationships between them. This organization is open to all medical students and has monthly meetings designed to increase interest in Emergency Medicine. There are guest lecturers and students are encouraged to participate in various residency activities. There is also a mentoring program that allows medical students to work with the Emergency Medicine Residents and faculty while on duty in the Emergency Department.

Wilderness Medicine Interest Group

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group meets on a monthly basis to learn about topics such as Trauma, Water Safety, and Lightning Injuries. There are also skill labs, so students get hands-on experience, stabilizing and transporting patients. More information can be found on our Facebook group page.