2014 May

  • Seupaul’s Greatest Hits – SGEM Edition

    • 05.27.2014
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    Bell’s Palsy Treatment.   Steroids, steroids, steroids…but what about acyclovir?  No.  Steroids, steroids… Alpha blockers and Renal Colic.   NIV for pulmonary edema. Uncomfortable? Check.   Life-saving? Check   Decreases the need to intubate the tachypneic, flushed, diaphoretic, hypoxic, morbidly obese patient? Check.

  • IM – Sanity

    • 05.7.2014
    • chrisb
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    Chief Resident, Michael del Castillo-Hegyi aka “Dash”, and Chair Tony Seupaul discuss the merits and risks of good ol’ Vitamin H in the agitated patient and discuss the Cochrane Group’s take on the subject. They also delve into various agitation “cocktails”, their length of action, and complications.


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